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Benefits & Equity Charge

Background Information

Where do we even start? If you have ever worked in the restaurant industry, you know that it is not easy. Every profession has its unique set of challenges, but over the past 2 and a half years, this industry has experienced more than we could of ever imagined. It has challenged us mentally, emotionally, financially and physically in so many different ways from COVID-19 shut downs to food cost inflation to labor and supply shortages. Throughout all of that we were able to keep all our teams employed and help with assistance when and where needed. 

Now we are in a completely different set of challenges with shortages on our team, but want to do more given the state of our economy. We have realized that we are never going back to the way it was before 2020 and have to change our operating model if we want to see the gap between our department team members closed without escalating to above market prices on all entrees. 

What does it do?

Plain and simple- we just wanted to raise the base pay for our "back of Haus" team members to be able to reflect what we feel they deserve given all their hard work. This 2% charge allows us to do so without having to increase menu pricing across the board for everyone.  We are also able to continue to provide 50% employer paid health benefits, dental, life and vision insurance to all full time employees as well as paid vacations. We will also be able to start instituting more paid volunteering hours to help support our Core Value of community support. 

Enjoy those pancakes and know that you are helping change peoples lives! 

Have Questions?

We appreciate you understanding on this added part of our operating model! If you have further questions feel free to send us an email below